Tuff Group AG


TUFF Group AG is a forward-thinking organization who tries to make difference in the world by:

“Developing and implementing innovative solutions to the world’s most complex challenges.”


We believe our pioneering spirit will deliver superior solutions for our clients.

  • We are dynamic, brave and purposeful, breaking through barriers and charting new ground, genuinely making a difference but always with a conscience.
  • We aim to create opportunities where others have not.
  • We search for sustainable solutions where others can not.
  • We develop revenue-generating solutions to common and complex industry challenges.



The result of our thirst for knowledge and discovery of new, desirable and viable ways to do things with thought and consideration.


We believe in doing the right things and acting fairly and honestly as partners both internally and externally.


We care about what we do and approach it with gusto, enthusiasm and energy.


Natarajan Paulraj Executive Chairman

Ganesh Paulraj Vice Chairman

Vinod Pillai Chief Operating Officer

D/O Mahalingam

Govindarajan Paulraj

Carlo Arachi


Tuff adheres strictly to the standards and policies which are outlined in our HSE Management System

The safety of our staff is paramount and we ensure a safe working environment.

HSE awareness is high within Tuff Group Group’s work place and work sites.

Care for the environment is one of Tuff’s key responsibilities.


TUFF Group AG believes that the protection of health, safety, the environment, and security (HSE&S) is integral to the achieving the company’s objectives. Its operational goals are clear: TUFF Group and its Subsidiaries are dedicated to providing Excellence and Sustainability, with NO accidents, NO harm to people, and NO damage to the natural and social environments in which it operates.

The Group’s global standards for continuous improvement are deemed an essential element of their balanced results and continued success. Its philosophies to add value for its customers, and lead with vision, inspiration, and integrity are evident in client satisfaction. Additionally, it places great emphasis on managing by process; Succeeding through people; nurturing creativity and innovation; and building partnerships and taking on responsibility for a sustainable future


TUFF Group AG and its subsidiaries place a primary emphasis on achieving and maintaining quality in the delivery of its products and services.

From the most senior management levels to the front line, there is an unbridled commitment to delivering the highest international standards of EPCIC services. Its customers are the judge of this success, and the method by which the group measures its quality. TUFF Group’s proprietary Quality Management System is a process design developed by Tuff Offshore. It is leveraged throughout the business, extending the architectural structure and systematic approach that drives continuous improvement throughout the Tuff Offshore subsidiary, and other TUFF Group companies.

Tuff Group’s Quality Policy Principles of quality are a guiding force to the business, and consists of the following standards:

  • Tuff Group AG and its companies will fulfil the quality and functional requirements of its customers at or above national or international standards which apply to the products or services it provides.
  • The continual improvement of the Group’s processes and services is core to its strategy while tailoring its services to the precise needs of its customers.
  • Diligence in its quality measurement is paramount to the effectiveness of The Group’s Quality Management System.
  • Enhancement of TUFF Group’s systematic approach of using best practices at all stages of project execution.
  • Believing in the People that make up TUFF Group AG. Continue developing competencies, empowerment, and greater accountabilities. Do this through excellent infrastructure, staff development programmes, and high levels of involvement and commitment from senior management.


Tuff Group’s subsidiary company, Tuff Offshore Engineering Services Pte. Ltd. complies with the highest standards or Health & Safety, Environment and Quality and are UKAS certified to ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. With this certification, it ensures that all regulatory requirements are implemented and all work complies with international standards.